New eBook – Photographer’s Guide to Facebook

The Photographer’s Guide to Facebook

If you are like most professional photographers then you are already using both your personal Facebook profile and your photography business page on Facebook to market your products and services to your clients.

Rel=Author and Rel=Publisher for non-WordPress Sites

rel=publisher branded search results

I have received many questions about how to set up the Author and Publisher tags for photography websites that aren’t using Wordpress. On wordpress it’s really easy to insert the Rel=Publisher and Rel=Author tags into your Google+ links because the Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin practically does it for you. On other photography specific web sites or web site building tools that don’t use WordPress…

Are you using the Rel=Publisher tag on your site?

rel=publisher enables Branded Search Results

If you aren’t using Rel=Publisher on your site now then you really should get it setup right away. It’s worth it just for the pretty branded search results.

Great Podcasts to Grow your Photography Business

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn great lessons from industry experts in your spare time. Here is list of my favorite podcasts relevant to the business of photography.

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